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File 149792761837.jpg - (61.03KB , 576x1024 , 2342345.jpg )
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Does anyone have the complete set of pics of this girl

File 149116058110.jpg - (119.04KB , 1200x1600 , 149090697194.jpg )
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>> No. 276
A poster named Odds & Ends had her complete sets posted here, after someone else asked 2 weeks ago, for some reason Admin wiped out all the board's posts ( Everything ) from the last 3 weeks including another complete set of Vlad's y151 Olga . Someone really blew it . Maybe O&E will run Nadya's sets again on a seperate thread, a lot of people ask for her .
>> No. 278
He got banned for posting Ultra Model sets. There was a post about it on the Request board but that has disappeared down the memory hole that seems to affect Triforce chans more than others
>> No. 281

Just go look for her sets over at Sharechan. A few people are running a couple of threads specifically of Vlad models, plus unlike that chump Odd End, they are complete up to date sets, not the old shit that he's been peddling for the past 5 years.
>> No. 293
Nobody is posting her currently at any places I visit. Sharechan is just lots of spam.

Bumping for fresh links please
>> No. 297

>Sharechan is just lots of spam

Are you talking about the content over there being spam? The same people who post there also post their links here.

If you're refering to ads as spam, then learn how to use adblockers and pop up blockers dude... I visit that board every day and get no spam at all.

Either way, if you refuse to visit a board where they post this homely fat girl, that's your problem.

File 149734860654.jpg - (875.64KB , 1200x1800 , LauraB13_033.jpg )
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Anybody know where to buy Candydoll-like set clothes? Especially the dresses.
>> No. 295
Honestly, I don't think they make those outfits in your size!
>> No. 296

i hear a police van pulling up to OPs house

File 149648456532.jpg - (147.05KB , 531x799 , 591bd68d4d8cb.jpg )
289 No. 289 hide [Reply]
Anybody have and Sandra teen custom sets? I'm on the hunt for them all, so believe there are 5. Also any sexy videos if they are available
>> No. 291
I had them all,lost them...best one was the red set

File 149253261650.jpg - (161.81KB , 500x900 , prev_fg-nadja.jpg )
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Reupping a few old archives that have been up on various boards previously.

Starting with Nadja - sets 1 to 16 as I've seen one or two requests around


Passwd: 0dds&3nds
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>> No. 118
File 149294732817.jpg - (798.63KB , 1664x2496 , Anabelle-dream_008_015.jpg )
Another Anabelle preview, doing a passable impression of Vlad-Anya/Showstars Oxi.
>> No. 119
File 149294860435.jpg - (109.99KB , 816x1088 , 10260071.jpg )
37 sets. I know nothing about these sets, apart from
a) they are quite old, EXIF dates them as 2003.
b) they may be associated with, or a precursor to, the Chemal & Gegg operation

They are certainly not guaranteed as complete.


Passwd: 0dds&3nds
>> No. 159
moar funny-girls plz
>> No. 208
Bumping for moar plz
>> No. 258
Sweet little Aida and Julia. would love to have seen those two cuties together

File 149376402334.jpg - (754.00KB , 2453x1635 , IMG_0182_reducedByMe.jpg )
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FREastern Brandy, colleague of Sarah and Sage. Sadly I only have the first 10 sets. If someone has the full collection, please post here. TIA!

Set 01

>> No. 271
File 149396727133.jpg - (599.97KB , 2453x1635 , IMG_0318_ReducedByMe.jpg )
Set 02 (as always, the size of the sample image here is reduced to comply with the rules. The set has the images with original size).


>> No. 279
File 149437232371.jpg - (789.09KB , 2336x3504 , brandy set 3 ReducedByMe.jpg )
Set 03


Hope someone has the full collection. Please post. TIA.
>> No. 285
do you have any sarah sets?
>> No. 286
post sarah
>> No. 287
File 149525897946.jpg - (608.97KB , 2336x3504 , sarah IMG_0164 reducedByMe.jpg )
Although I have very few sets of Sarah, here is one, for all of you:

Sarah FREastern set 32



File 149318012462.jpg - (389.83KB , 960x720 , Darla.jpg )
172 No. 172 hide [Reply]
sing a song for me
❀ I Love It ❀

fast and free

File 149349209354.jpg - (82.51KB , 482x682 , PIST-047.jpg )
227 No. 227 hide [Reply]

Password: Twinklestar
>> No. 233
File 149351774949.jpg - (108.63KB , 333x500 , pan1.jpg )
Thanks for share
>> No. 257
Hai p4n, can you share thats cute

File 149283842770.jpg - (353.84KB , 1739x2600 , sophia_pinkbandeau_TMTV_091_reduced_by_me.jpg )
52 No. 52 hide [Reply]
Sophia Pinkbandeau set with original size photos. (Sample was compressed to fit the rules)


4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 199
File 149324701186.jpg - (874.99KB , 3026x2026 , sophia_u_model_yellowswim_teenmodeling_tv_014.jpg )
TeenModeling - Sophia - Yellow Swim [JPEG 100%]

Previews: https://img.yt/img-590123bcefe78.html

DL: https://www.file-upload.com/z0cnyemf2kii
or https://dailyuploads.net/r8xngk12isl3

PW = VKv77
>> No. 206

I notice that you can't seem to resist replying to every single post the "fuckwit" makes.

Congratulations. You're part of the problem.
>> No. 212
hoarding leech
>> No. 220

You know, we might all be more impressed if you would post a single file link with at least one of your lame "leech", "hoarder" accusatory posts.

I mean it's getting to be your only insult here. But alas, you never share a file. The only leech here is you, little 3rd world boy.

Anywho, thanks VK and rovivrus. You're about the only class here.
>> No. 253
Wish so bad someone had those "Lost sets". I guess I could buy them but I really can't afford to pay 15.99 for one set... :(

File 147956631154.png - (1.46MB , 800x1093 , 11alices12.png )
1 No. 1 hide [Reply]

Not sure if this is a Candydoll set or not, there's no marking on the pictures but it looks similar to Candydoll. If anyone can read Japanese, let me know.

>> No. 2
Realise that this is an old post, but yes, it is Candydoll.

It's from the first series of 20 models back in 2008 before they switched cities for a new model pool.

Models in the video are from L to R, Valeriya L. and Sasha L. It was an early VIP video.
>> No. 177
what happened to the candydoll section here?
>> No. 188
We nuked it. Why have a full sub for only one (dead) agency?
>> No. 221

I can understand that... but it's Candydoll! lol

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