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File 149323157099.jpg - (195.64KB , 1024x1365 , Set 29 (125).jpg )
189 No. 189 hide [Reply]
Sandra 50 sets 1.51 GB
Pass: Sandra
Download before they remove it
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>> No. 216
The password works fine, I don't know which is the problem?
Pass: "Sandra" Without quotes and the first letter in capital letter
>> No. 222
pass worked fine for me
>> No. 223
Anyone have the famous red set of Sandra? BTW thanks for the huge upload of her.
>> No. 230

I believe that's set 37 in the download, right?
>> No. 234
No its a custom set,a lot lot better...

File 149349209354.jpg - (82.51KB , 482x682 , PIST-047.jpg )
227 No. 227 hide [Reply]

Password: Twinklestar
>> No. 233
File 149351774949.jpg - (108.63KB , 333x500 , pan1.jpg )
Thanks for share

File 148903167268.jpg - (393.21KB , 1536x2048 , sonja-006-041.jpg )
110 No. 110 hide [Reply]

pass: pussypirate123456789

[email protected]
>> No. 178
good host.
>> No. 224
Again I waste my time.
Really love this GIRL.
>> No. 225
Hard to find SONYA.
>> No. 228
WRONG DAMN PAhttp://155chan.info/mir/src/148903167268.jpgSS
>> No. 229
why bother posting with wrong damn PASSWORD

File 147956631154.png - (1.46MB , 800x1093 , 11alices12.png )
1 No. 1 hide [Reply]

Not sure if this is a Candydoll set or not, there's no marking on the pictures but it looks similar to Candydoll. If anyone can read Japanese, let me know.

>> No. 2
Realise that this is an old post, but yes, it is Candydoll.

It's from the first series of 20 models back in 2008 before they switched cities for a new model pool.

Models in the video are from L to R, Valeriya L. and Sasha L. It was an early VIP video.
>> No. 177
what happened to the candydoll section here?
>> No. 188
We nuked it. Why have a full sub for only one (dead) agency?
>> No. 221

I can understand that... but it's Candydoll! lol

File 149283842770.jpg - (353.84KB , 1739x2600 , sophia_pinkbandeau_TMTV_091_reduced_by_me.jpg )
52 No. 52 hide [Reply]
Sophia Pinkbandeau set with original size photos. (Sample was compressed to fit the rules)


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>> No. 194
Nigga puhleeez, post some of your shit or STFU youre getting fucking boring

Sorry OP your posts are good but there is a grade A fuckwit just out to fuck up everyone elses hobby and that fuckwit is >>176
>> No. 199
File 149324701186.jpg - (874.99KB , 3026x2026 , sophia_u_model_yellowswim_teenmodeling_tv_014.jpg )
TeenModeling - Sophia - Yellow Swim [JPEG 100%]

Previews: https://img.yt/img-590123bcefe78.html

DL: https://www.file-upload.com/z0cnyemf2kii
or https://dailyuploads.net/r8xngk12isl3

PW = VKv77
>> No. 206

I notice that you can't seem to resist replying to every single post the "fuckwit" makes.

Congratulations. You're part of the problem.
>> No. 212
hoarding leech
>> No. 220

You know, we might all be more impressed if you would post a single file link with at least one of your lame "leech", "hoarder" accusatory posts.

I mean it's getting to be your only insult here. But alas, you never share a file. The only leech here is you, little 3rd world boy.

Anywho, thanks VK and rovivrus. You're about the only class here.

File 149116058110.jpg - (119.04KB , 1200x1600 , 149090697194.jpg )
53 No. 53 hide [Reply]

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>> No. 186
I don't know what the problem is with all that dude's negativity, it just seems that he wants to project his opinion as being the only one and it's beginning to get tiresome .
I just want to say thanks for posting Nadya's sets . I see from the big Vlad index I got ahwile back that she posed for a few Vids, have you ever come across them ?
>> No. 209


pretty fucking pathetic patting yourself on the back fag and games...
>> No. 211
At least he is posting stuff, unlike you, you fucking hoarding leech. Post your collection or STFU you gobshite, you are one fucking boring faggot
>> No. 214
File 149328342934.jpg - (677.95KB , 1200x1600 , dscf0001.jpg )
Had no luck finding even a hint of Nadya-m061 videos, run out of obvious search avenues, sorry. I'm wondering if they were only available on CD/DVD (a lot of early Vlad purchases involved a CD arriving in the mail) and customers never thought to upload them to the 'net or didn't have the tech to do so 12-15 years ago.

>I don't know what the problem is with all that dude's negativity
I've a pretty good idea who it is but can't say too much. Nevertheless I find it morbidly fascinating (like watching a slow-motion multi vehicle pile-up) that someone should be so easily triggered by repostings from the heyday of NN modelling. If he wants modern releases, well, there's pages and pages on Sh*r*ch*n (among others), it's not as if they're hard to find these days. Maybe he's just too lazy and wants everything served up on a plate.

Anyway, here's a couple more refreshed links for Nadya's picture sets. I was going to post 1 a day but I've found something else that will more than likely 'rustle the jimmies' of my pet troll. I'll give it a couple days though, just to let him stew for a bit.


Set 005 - this is known to be incomplete. In the light of that information Anons are of course free to choose whether to download it or not.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 219

Impressive. You used every /b/tard insult in the book! Did you copy and paste it or have you memorized it?

>At least he is posting stuff

Oh yeah? Point us in the direction of your contributions, you little shit.


>I've a pretty good idea who it is but can't say too much.

Come on, you gutless old man. Tell us who you think it is.

Hey, I'm appreciative of *some* of the posters here, like VK. He at least posts new material from different studios. Not fat ugly vlad models like you repeatedly post. It's like you're stuck in some time warp. I wouldn't be surprised if you post this same incomplete shit at 12chan or ojb.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 149332555822.jpg - (146.18KB , 900x1200 , DSC07992 (web).jpg )
217 No. 217 hide [Reply]
Webe Web Conie Model
26 Sets, missing set 18

01-10 http://tiny.cc/tinymodels
11-21 http://tiny.cc/tinygls missing set 18
22-27 http://tiny.cc/ly9sky

Pass: "Connie" Without quotes and the first letter in capital letter.
>> No. 218
My apologies, pass: "Conie" with one "n"

File 149285352749.jpg - (241.87KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0001.jpg )
27 No. 27 hide [Reply]
As requested by >>1842

First batch: sets 1 to 30
All are complete to the 2014 index


Passwd: 0dds&3nds

Preview from set 030.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 111
File 149287704923.jpg - (125.93KB , 816x1089 , Gallery-Olga_-_studio_posing15-1.jpg )
Download all parts before extracting, otherwise errors will occur. Total size 739,414,020 bytes.
Filmed during the shooting of set 81, Olga primarily concentrates on posing for the stills rather than video-oriented posing, giving it something of a 'behind-the-scenes' feel. Still an enjoyable watch :)


Passwd: 0dds&3nds
>> No. 127
y151 Custom Deberry 010708 Sets 1 & 2


y151 Custom Deberry 050708 Sets 1 & 3


No Pass
>> No. 132
Thank you for these missing customs.
>> No. 160
moar vlad plz
>> No. 210
Bump for moar vlad

File 149253261650.jpg - (161.81KB , 500x900 , prev_fg-nadja.jpg )
30 No. 30 hide [Reply]
Reupping a few old archives that have been up on various boards previously.

Starting with Nadja - sets 1 to 16 as I've seen one or two requests around


Passwd: 0dds&3nds
24 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 117
File 149294710549.jpg - (554.74KB , 1664x2496 , Anabelle-dream_004_001.jpg )
Anabelle-Dreams - sets 1 to 28
Sized at 1664x2496 pixels or in some sets 1880x2816 pixels


Passwd: 0dds&3nds
>> No. 118
File 149294732817.jpg - (798.63KB , 1664x2496 , Anabelle-dream_008_015.jpg )
Another Anabelle preview, doing a passable impression of Vlad-Anya/Showstars Oxi.
>> No. 119
File 149294860435.jpg - (109.99KB , 816x1088 , 10260071.jpg )
37 sets. I know nothing about these sets, apart from
a) they are quite old, EXIF dates them as 2003.
b) they may be associated with, or a precursor to, the Chemal & Gegg operation

They are certainly not guaranteed as complete.


Passwd: 0dds&3nds
>> No. 159
moar funny-girls plz
>> No. 208
Bumping for moar plz

File 149152266023.jpg - (487.46KB , 1216x1824 , TinyModel Sugar III 366.jpg )
3 No. 3 hide [Reply]
TM Sugar 366

Download: http://public.upera.co/3VNde2i3
or https://dailyuploads.net/ri7gqa9h8g2s

Pass = Sugar
22 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 26

he is, thats why the guyver is almost like a naughty word on here. the admin is known to make deals with shekeleers that pay him to be able to post their virus and adware loaded shit links here.

guyver fought against that, guyver kept the triforce clean. hell, the words shekeleer and triforce where invented by him. he was the bet. he was the GOD-KING.
>> No. 112

STFU already. Your gutless hero couldn't handle the slightest criticism, or anyone who disagreed with his trolling ass. His first and only defense was to ban you. Hell, he was worse than the people that he banned. This entire board was a joke when he went off against himself (come on, you had to know that he was also the admin). He carried his childish schizophrenic shit over to 8chan.

This board was great BEFORE that lunatic started his shit. SO enough of your delusional cock sucking before this board goes down the toilet as well.
>> No. 197
Hello! I'm OP, tell me please, why is this thread moved to / mir /?

What is / mir /?
As far as I understand, this is for the threads and models that are already posted on this board?

Thanks for the answer.

>> No. 198
File 149324119373.jpg - (925.28KB , 1998x1000 , TinyModel Sugar III 330-332.jpg )
330 https://img.yt/img-58f0a3a990184.html
331 http://imgoutlet.co/jx1nczv8p181
332 http://imgtown.net/pua3uod70lw8

330: http://public.upera.co/44b6jnd6 or https://dailyuploads.net/hz9e7vj0eu4y
331: http://public.upera.co/44b84ou5 or https://dailyuploads.net/bp0v04gnqowr
332: http://public.upera.co/44bbkgtm or https://dailyuploads.net/xwlsr99v70sa

Pass = Sugar
>> No. 207

Hi VK. /mir/ is short for "mirrorcreator", or hosts like mirrorcreator that aren't used to make money for the uploader or make it hard on the downloader (like long countdown timers or waits between downloads).

The Mods figured that the hosts that you used were easy to use so they moved them over here. :)

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