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File 149152266023.jpg - (487.46KB , 1216x1824 , TinyModel Sugar III 366.jpg )
3 No. 3 hide [Reply]
TM Sugar 366

Download: http://public.upera.co/3VNde2i3
or https://dailyuploads.net/ri7gqa9h8g2s

Pass = Sugar
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>> No. 394

looks like i broke you.

>> No. 395

y u mad though?
>> No. 396

"Do you like her?", "WOW", "perfect girl", etc. asshole is going strong at Sharechan. He must be sucking the admins cock, or is paying their server fees, because he's pulling that idiotic thread bumping ("do you want more?") in every thread of his. And the dick wad admin over there is allowing it.
>> No. 398
Heheh, just for laffs I tried replying to one of his threads with "WOWWEE! Yummeee!!". It didn't get approved, which kind of makes me wonder if he is actually one of the hotpockets over there?
>> No. 401

haha same thing happens to me. In fact, I got a 5 minute ban with a small blurb from the mod telling me not to complain and instead report the post instead. Well, I've reported every one of that jerks shameless thread bumps, and the mods just ignore me.

Yeah... I've always felt that the most obnoxious monetary link spammer up-loaders at Sharechan are mods.

File 150219050457.jpg - (158.70KB , 1024x768 , ku1.jpg )
378 No. 378 hide [Reply]
pass PTLkuku
>> No. 379
Thank you!
>> No. 385
file won't open
>> No. 393
opened 1-10 + one for me, no problem.
& 7z is the pitts, only opens if completely COMPLETE...
Check for any change to the name too (like .001 added etc).
>> No. 400
Use Winrar.
If you have winrar and it says expired,just close the pop up window and procede. It still works.
And unpacks almost everything.
no need for 7Zip

File 149734860654.jpg - (875.64KB , 1200x1800 , LauraB13_033.jpg )
292 No. 292 hide [Reply]
Anybody know where to buy Candydoll-like set clothes? Especially the dresses.
>> No. 295
Honestly, I don't think they make those outfits in your size!
>> No. 296

i hear a police van pulling up to OPs house
>> No. 375
What, are you gonna dress your dog up?
>> No. 381
Why not? He's got a little Chihuahua, it'd look kinda cute in a tutu. All need do is tie a dog biscuit to his dick and get the dog to lick it off while he imagines LauraB giving him a blow job.
>> No. 387

You seen to know a little too much about the OP. Wager it's a samefag event.

File 150069936734.jpg - (238.01KB , 1280x613 , HANPRE1.jpg )
321 No. 321 hide [Reply]
Hanna - Haltertops- (118 Pics)

With her friends Alissa and Mariyam


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>> No. 325

What the hell are you linking to? Post >>4065 doesn't even exist.
>> No. 326
We moved the post originally put from /cg/ to /mir/
>> No. 329

Ahhh got you.
>> No. 336
Thanks for Hanna set. Would like to see her latest stuff too, but nobody is sharing them :(
>> No. 374

Because she has become fat and homely. Even her biggest fan boys are disappointed how she turned out.

File 150182539684.jpg - (173.42KB , 960x1445 , ma7211-025-025.jpg )
360 No. 360 hide [Reply]
Maxwells Kitty
Pass MaxwellsKitty
>> No. 364
Would you happen to have any Maxwell's Amy?
>> No. 365
File 150192317118.jpg - (191.08KB , 1444x960 , Amy_106.jpg )
pass Amy
>> No. 370

Thanks pal, but I should have been more specific. I have a few sets of her already. Could you please let me/us know what is in your file? I may already have it. :)

File 150074747746.jpg - (325.78KB , 1440x900 , hurrcn381-NewStar-Cherry Model-red&white bikin.jpg )
320 No. 320 hide [Reply]
Some WallPapers I Made 43 Papers 33.3 mb 1400x900 http://mir.cr/1DW7R2VR
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 328
lol at the resolution. were these made in 2009?

and do people seriously put up kid models as their desktop? they must not have roommates/spouse/etc
>> No. 335

i do, and its easy as shit to resize a picture to your desktop format and crop it or whatever

don't need OPs shitty edits for it

>> No. 337

You must live alone.
>> No. 338

not any more than anyone here :D
>> No. 341

You would be surprised how many people who lurk in forums like these have families, or live with roommates. Plastering this shit on their desktop would be suicide. NOT encrypting this type of material is stupidity.

File 15009222607.jpg - (748.51KB , 1800x1200 , 149071681255.jpg )
330 No. 330 hide [Reply]
CD SharlottaS image/video collection
download samples for all videos
Set and video per file, no password.

File 150077965528.jpg - (575.22KB , 1440x900 , hurrcn381-Katya-vlad Model -pink top-wallpaper.jpg )
319 No. 319 hide [Reply]
wallpapers 43-1440x900 no pw http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/1DW7R2VR/Teen_Models_WallPapers-nn.7z_links

File 149116058110.jpg - (119.04KB , 1200x1600 , 149090697194.jpg )
53 No. 53 hide [Reply]

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>> No. 303

Gee I'm sorry that I insulted your fat ugly daughter, mister. I take it that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree?

People are entitled to opinions. Sharechan doesn't allow you to do that. Triforce at least allows an opinion, whether you like it or not. You don't like what I have to say, just don't read it.
>> No. 304
>no one gives a shit what children visiting here think

yet you blow a head gasket and pull a tantrum about something that apparently "no one gives a shit" about. great way to prove a point, grand dad. i don't know mate, if i don't give a shit about something, i usually keep my mouth shut and don't act like a bloody school teacher chastising her students...
>> No. 309
Sharechan is corrupt as fuck. Stuff freely shared gets deleted then miraculously resurrected on slow throttled payhosts. The (((mods/Admin))) there are in on the scam. Example: there was a huge thread of Tanya including customs all on Mircr. Now its gone and the same sets are turning up on shitty hosts.
>> No. 310

Agree that the Admin there is a fucking nazi, but corrupt asf? The same people who post their links there also post them here. And have you seen some of the shitty throttled pay hosts that are in some of the threads here in CG? And the adware-ridden link redirectors? You don't see those over at Sharechan. So it's a give and take with every board. You tolerate the shit that a board gives you and get what you can.

Speaking of the Tanya thread over there... I'd scarcely call Dailyuploads a slow throttled payhost. If the original links were on Mirror, then I'm pretty sure who the OP was. He's that mentally handicapped moron who writes 5 paragraph essays for every link that he posts - and then censors all of the good pics out of the sets. He's a fucking joke and you should be happy that someone else is sharing her sets...
>> No. 311

haha i know of who you speak of. that knob has to tell you the bloody history of every set that he posts, and then he takes all of the risque images out. his posts hurt my eyes. worse yet, he posted all of tpi's cristina sets. he used zippyshare and would share 10 or so sets per file, but always felt that he needed to get as close to 200 mb's as he could, so he would break up sets to do that. yep, he has psychological problems. i'm happy to say that he hasn't posted in awhile.

File 148847396238.jpg - (661.23KB , 1424x2144 , nastya2_019s.jpg )
108 No. 108 hide [Reply]
FReasternproductions 'boots'

This is how I found this set. No name and someone added 'boots' to the original name. It appears to be a full set from FReasternproductions.


>> No. 109
Give me a break Ned. It has your watermark plastered all over the image... smh
>> No. 115
LOL Ned started up yet another thread advertising his agency. Then when no one commented, he posted a self congratulatory post to himself, asking where he could sign up for an account...
>> No. 306
Not the same girl as in the picture.
>> No. 307

So that slime ball Norbert/Ned shares a FReastern set, yet posts a preview of one of his own model?

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