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File 140303469932.jpg - (770.53KB , 3000x2000 , Silver-Starlets_Rikki-flag-1-002.jpg )
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rikki sets
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>> No. 938

Great collection...any chance we could get a pass for some of your other sets?

Thank you in advance!
>> No. 1045
Pass should be S_Oteric for all my files including the rikki sets. Sorry for taking so long to update this post and to fill the request for the rikki & jess park set. I am uploading it to my share folder right now.
Again, I apologize for taking so darn long to reply etc. I have attention deficit coupled with severe short term memory problems. I forgot this board even existed for a couple of months.
Here is the current folder link for her sets:
>> No. 1046
File 14166392904.jpg - (341.10KB , 1500x1002 , Silver-Starlets_Jess_Rikki-park-1-079.jpg )
so you don't have to wade through everything in my folder.
S_Oteric is the password

File 140954433512.jpg - (35.45KB , 620x332 , The Twigster.jpg )
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I guess I'm not "hip to the lingo"...what is an "OP"? I keep seeing that and don't know what it means! My curiosity has the better of me.
>> No. 898
OP = original poster

It could mean the thread starter, or the original person who shared a file. Usually it's the former (thread starter)
>> No. 899
OP = Original Poster

File 139726933295.jpg - (130.54KB , 1023x1365 , image.jpg )
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looking for sonja model sets
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>> No. 993
Asja is my favorite girls, can i please have the password for her?
>> No. 994
Everything has a password you freaking liar!
>> No. 1047
pass: S_Oteric
I found it on another thread lol

File 141607887665.jpg - (114.78KB , 1200x1600 , p5050002.jpg )
1033 No. 1033 hide quickreply [Reply]
Still looking for Various sets of the elusive m061 Nadya and any of her rare Vids
>> No. 1034
File 141607896610.jpg - (723.82KB , 1096x6103 , m061.jpg )
>> No. 1044
File 141663780226.jpg - (114.95KB , 1200x1600 , PB110004.jpg )
Here you go. 2 dozen sets of lovely Nadya:
S_Oteric is the pass for all files in the folder

File 14056398249.jpg - (114.98KB , 1280x960 , Maggie.jpg )
664 No. 664 hide quickreply [Reply]
Would someone post sets or mixed pics of this model. Anything you have even if it is one picture.
>> No. 741
post sweet maggie
>> No. 1043
File 141660397815.jpg - (124.31KB , 959x1219 , mag01.jpg )

File 141641915688.jpg - (1.16MB , 2000x1333 , IMG_1885.jpg )
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looking to finish another model. Could anyone be kind to upload these or point in the direction to get these last 6 i need.
(pic from 214)

File 141636514763.jpg - (47.16KB , 719x688 , dffcacd5-2301-4d27-a08f-3a3f594390ce.jpg )
1040 No. 1040 hide quickreply [Reply]
Anybody has more?
>> No. 1041
anybody has more?

File 140950112159.jpg - (284.74KB , 2592x1728 , 1380829.jpg )
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here's Nikol set 31


pw: afx
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>> No. 978
More please.
>> No. 997
thank you!
>> No. 1039
do you have set 30?

File 140445770872.jpg - (84.93KB , 598x800 , f.jpg )
611 No. 611 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone have this set to share please?
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>> No. 1013
File 141503538246.jpg - (285.73KB , 1296x972 , fran90003.jpg )
OK, for you - once again:
password: francine
>> No. 1035
Curt Kobane? Learn to spell if you're trying to be acerbic. Otherwise you look ignorant. The city in northern Syria is spelled 'Kobani'.
>> No. 1038

It's spelled Kurt Cobain... -_-

Maybe you need to learn how to spell if you're trying to be acerbic... otherwise YOU look ignorant. smh

File 141613507585.jpg - (135.16KB , 960x1280 , 1415776070931-2.jpg )
1036 No. 1036 hide quickreply [Reply]
hey guy s please can some one help i cam across a girl called ovela and is obseessed with her serched the web an cant find nothing any help thanksin advace
>> No. 1037

Dude, if I were you, I'd become more "obseessed" with staying awake in grammar class...

Ovela is rarely shared at these boards unless requested, and even then she's not seen too often.

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