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File 150077578977.jpg - (190.34KB , 1500x1000 , IMG_1930.jpg )
391 No. 391 hide [Reply]
Looking for any sets. Sorry, I not know info other than name, Miss Alli. Thank you for help.
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>> No. 395
You rock! I never expected such a quick response, tyvm for posting what you do have :D
>> No. 400
More please? she's the best!!
>> No. 401
File 150092416163.jpg - (130.25KB , 1500x998 , Alli Gallery 192 (38).jpg )
Here is where I'm at with Miss Alli-
I have 155 sets/galleries.
Sets 025 through 199.
I am missing sets 001-024, 91-99,
178-185, 188-191 and 193.

I have no idea how many galleries she did after 199 but I hate to beg but I hope some kind soul would tell us how many galleries she did in total and better yet share them with us.
Anyone kind enough to share the missing galleries listed above and the rest of the sets she did after 199 please feel free to request anything, I will be happy to share it if I have it. Huge thanks!

I plan to start posting what I have here later this evening.
I don't know what was posted here so far and sorry if this one was in there but if not I must say this gallery will melt your monitor.
It is the hottest Alli set I have seen to date.
She wears a tiny black top and black high heels and seems to enjoy her lollipop.

Miss Alli set 192
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 402

these sets are over 900 years old. miss alli has already been married and divorced 5 times now, with 8 kids of her own who are just as ugly as she was

theres a torrent for all this shit btw should u feel so inclined.
>> No. 404
Yep, the Webe stuff is older,New Star is older and Vlad stuff is older still, yet the same tired old stuff is posted over and over etc.
Haven't seen a flood of Alli ever, if I did I wouldn't be requesting it.

Not really familiar with torrents, how does that work?

File 149742287886.jpg - (266.08KB , 1200x1600 , Pict0192.jpg )
286 No. 286 hide [Reply]
Looking for several things here- Two models Twistie and cutie (from the same agency and a redhead named Nikki. Love to have any and/or all of their work.
Also a girl named Morgann,I don't think she had a lot but would love to have it.

To show my appreciation here is the complete collection of Anna from Super Models 7-17.
660 pics at apprx 161 MB.

PW: TheBest
(the "http" is changed to "hxxp" so copy/paste the link)

Please help me out if you can. More 7-17 coming soon. See 144 request area for Dajana from 7-17.
>> No. 359
do you have the full version of those sets?
>> No. 389
This thread is for you
>> No. 399

The same guy is posting the sets in that thread. I wager that they are missing the same pics that >>359 is requesting.
>> No. 403
All the 7-17 stuff posted so far is 100% complete.

File 149361336385.jpg - (14.52KB , 196x110 , hqdefault.jpg )
127 No. 127 hide [Reply]
Anybody saved TatorTot's ASMR video before it got deleted by youtube? She's talking about it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRWhPG38jJ8
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>> No. 371

lol Yeah, that bar is 2 inches off of the ground.
>> No. 378

damn straight it is. its because my bar is so big.
>> No. 379

you're not funny. you're nothing but a middle aged idiot.
>> No. 381

and you are a cuck.
>> No. 398

Seriously... go fuck yourself. Avery, please stop approving the trolls weak posts.

File 150085986744.jpg - (782.14KB , 2336x3504 , sarah.jpg )
397 No. 397 hide [Reply]
Anyone has her sets? From Shadowkittens etc.

File 149720266990.jpg - (0.95MB , 1901x2851 , Rabea-SD_071_002.jpg )
276 No. 276 hide [Reply]
Please post the unposted Sweetdoll.bz sets the board will allow, like the old ones in cg.:
Juliette 32-45
Nadja 58-70
Rabea 51-71
Sorena 64-88
Vicky 32-40
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>> No. 296

i saw that one coming a mile away. even as i was posting that joke.
>> No. 299
She must be Kirk Douglas's love child.
>> No. 301
please share your profil photos. she's really beautifull. please!!! what is her name??? set please!!!
>> No. 340

>what is her name???

Let's see... the original file name of his "profil photos" is "Rabea-SD_071_002". He mentions, "Rabea 51-71" in his post. You do the math...
>> No. 396
pls pls pls share!!!!!!!!

File 149569725914.png - (151.91KB , 350x280 , IMG_3052.png )
237 No. 237 hide [Reply]
Came across this but don't know which set or vidvthis is from. Please help with a link!
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>> No. 244
File 149583680717.png - (775.06KB , 768x576 , 146022282967.png )
And the infamous banana. Anyone?
>> No. 387
Some say that banana is still sitting in the freezer, half uneaten.
>> No. 390
File 150071949876.jpg - (335.39KB , 768x576 , 147778597641.jpg )
thanks for your pic now i have two
>> No. 392
The hoy grail of Diana...

I never imagined these would NEVER leak...Those lucky ones who got them and the sets are still holding them close, even after all these years.

Wasn't it "Joker" who put these up? Damn, I remember that at Christmas one year, I really thought they would be am XMAS gift.

Too bad, instant legend status for the one who finally delivers...
>> No. 394
File 15008052617.jpg - (853.38KB , 2000x3000 , TeenMarvel_Lili-Hearts-040.jpg )
now she is litle older and post like lili

File 149979856836.jpg - (886.50KB , 1333x2000 , liliana.jpg )
358 No. 358 hide [Reply]
There is a disturbing lack of the best model in the game. Let's have a Liliana megathread. Dump everything you have of her.
>> No. 362
Lazy ass person alert.

I guess that you didn't even bother to look in the CG section. There is an entire thread dedicated to AMS models, including most of Liliana's sets. Shitty hosts are used, but they still work.
>> No. 388
Here she is

File 149694472123.jpg - (80.86KB , 676x1014 , 3142179462_1_16_Wz8I0ap4.jpg )
272 No. 272 hide [Reply]
Any chance someone could post all the pic sets they have of Valensiya S?
Of course, in /mir/ would be great.
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>> No. 335

pw valensiya
>> No. 375
File 150043587678.jpg - (786.14KB , 1333x2000 , 0821160735469_597_IMG_3268.jpg )
Thanks for post this beauty girl, do you have the sets 11-14? please if you have this sets re-up, only I need this sets to complete my collection!! please!!!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 380
File 150059634584.jpg - (954.97KB , 1200x1800 , ValensiyaS12_010.jpg )
I goofed when putting in numbers before. I posted 15-20 and 16-20. Should have been 11-15 and 16-20.
>> No. 385
Thx for the sets, but pass dosn't work.
>> No. 386
Sorry, pass works, my bad.

File 15003711099.jpg - (6.69KB , 300x168 , download (1).jpg )
373 No. 373 hide [Reply]
Anyone got any Robbie armpit pics? I remember one where his armpit was next to the cam.
Pic unrelated.

File 149792926189.jpg - (61.03KB , 576x1024 , 2342345.jpg )
300 No. 300 hide [Reply]
Please submit this girls pics. Fav of all time
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 345
holy shit i never saw her video in the first place
>> No. 346

then you aren't looking in the right places...
>> No. 354
She is not a webcam girl, she has 84 pics at least which I had on my old laptop
>> No. 357

>which I had on my old laptop

...and let me guess. the laptop or hd is fried and you can't access the files anymore. After your proclamation, that is rather convenient don't you think?
>> No. 361
I have no idea where to look. Oh well any help at all please

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