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File 143844005678.jpg - (25.88KB , 640x480 , vs4.jpg )
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Who are they? Darts? I think vid is longer and they were more vids. Any chance?
>> No. 190
forgot link
more vids

File 143725536527.jpg - (247.89KB , 1296x864 , Natalia.jpg )
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Any idea who she is? name and more sets please
>> No. 188
Who's she?

File 143664115422.jpg - (130.47KB , 768x1152 , Sunshine_Candids_1.jpg )
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I'm trying to find a candid picture of Sunshine that was posted on this chan last year. She was wearing a short black dress and was sitting on some stairs outside a building. It looked like a professional shoot
>> No. 186
File 143726364679.jpg - (100.24KB , 640x640 , 10903309_646333178810139_1153355410_n.jpg )
>> No. 187
File 143734315071.jpg - (93.82KB , 640x950 , 10499412_843262155684448_5632211273722748939_o.jpg )

File 143725665957.jpg - (840.51KB , 1666x2387 , pmfr9ajetq.jpg )
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Anyone got her sets

File 142489201719.jpg - (802.40KB , 1200x1800 , LauraB22_011.jpg )
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I'm trying to find the name of a girl from a picture I don't have any more… She was wearing a white one piece, lying on her side on a bed and holding her other leg in the air. I think she might have been from Candydoll but I'm not 100% sure.

I know I'm being too vague, but I thought I'd try my luck. If anyone has any idea who I'm talking about please help.
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>> No. 178

Hy, because you have a Picture CDTV-LauraB,i can say that she is´nt it you looking for

but note that your infos are very small

would you surching a penny in the Atlantic_ocean?

tell more infos to the Pictures you surch.....

for example Laura has about 69 Sets and is on of maybe 150 CD-Girls
>> No. 181
Laura B

>> No. 182
Laura B


File 143651784626.jpg - (129.93KB , 529x740 , sasha 3.jpg )
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fills anyone?

File 14365177723.jpg - (113.17KB , 492x740 , sasha 1.jpg )
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I only have these pix of this model, labelled Sasha... that's all the info I have. Does anyone have anu more info or fills?

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non nude forum club not working can someone tell me if it is down

File 143576404385.jpg - (227.07KB , 960x1280 , request.jpg )
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request more of her please, and name if possible.

File 142835277984.jpg - (241.28KB , 864x1296 , 1428333398905.jpg )
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If anyone knows and/or has any of her sets..please post some! Thanks a lot in advance. I'd never seen here before until recently...
>> No. 146
for one thing it says TPI/WALS at the bottom so thats a start
>> No. 147
ok, after some browsing, i found the girl.
there was a mirrorcreator link to download it but none of the available sites worked. however, they did provide some previews
i dont know who she but thanks to you, now i want to.
>> No. 169
With what you have (S2_234) you can use wayback to go to old pages of TPI. If you get to when she was on the board (I'd say start about 2007-8) check the Wals-Studio2 board. When you find her you have her name,age & 5 more preview pics. Add the name + age to the # & it may help with your search

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